MRI Service KEY / Syngo Local Service

SIEMENS Syngo platform - is an universal multi-modality application for medical imaging. It is used as software basis for modern MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography) scanners over the world.

Following full-functional licenses (FLEXlm / FLEXnet) for software and hardware products by Siemens Medical Solutions are available:

• SIEMENS Somaris (SOMATOM) - CT Scanners,

• SIEMENS Numaris (MAGNETOM) - MRI Scanners,


• all products, based on Siemens Syngo software

Licensed Software Samples

Sample list of SIEMENS software and hardware products that are already licensed and service keys are generated

Somaris/7 VA34A (syngo CT 2010A)
Somaris/7 VA30A (syngo CT 2009A)
Somaris/7 VA27A (syngo CT 2010B)
Somaris/7 VA26 (syngo CT 2009B)
Somaris/7 VA20A (syngo CT 2008G)
Somaris/7 VA11A (syngo CT 2007C)
Somaris/7 VA10A (syngo CT 2007A)
Somaris/5.5 VB36A (syngo CT 2010C)
Somaris/5.5 VB35B (syngo CT 2007P)
Somaris/5.5 VB27C (syngo CT 2006C0)
Somaris/5.5 VB15B (syngo CT 2005C)
Somaris/5.5 VB15A
Somaris/5 VB40B (syngo CT 2009E)
Somaris/5 VB39A (syngo CT 2008O)
Somaris/5 VB38B (syngo CT 2007E)
Somaris/5 VB30B (syngo CT 2007S)
Somaris/5 VB28B (syngo CT 2006G)
Somaris/5 VB28A (syngo CT 2006G0)
Somaris/5 VB20A (syngo CT 2006A0)
Somaris/5 VB20A (syngo CT 2006A)
Somaris/5 VB19A (syngo CT 2005A0)
Somaris/5 VB19A (syngo CT 2005A)
Somaris/5 VB10B
Somaris/5 VB10B FP3
Somaris/5 VB10A
Somaris/5 VA70C
Somaris/5 VA70B
Somaris/5 VA70A
Somaris/5 VA60B
Somaris/5 VA60A
Somaris/5 VA50A
Somaris/5 VA47C
Somaris/5 VA47C (syngo VB10J) - SOMATOM Systems Somaris/5 VA47B
Somaris/5 VA47A
Somaris/5 VA45C
Somaris/5 VA45A
Somaris/5 VA40C
Somaris/5 VA40B
Somaris/5 VA30A
Somaris/5 VA20A
Somaris/5 VB20 (syngo CT 2006A VD30C) - SOMATOM Systems
Somaris/5 (syngo CT 2007E VB38B) - SOMATOM Systems
Somaris/4.5 VA10C and subsequent
Somaris/4.5 VA10B and subsequent
Somaris/4 VC10A and subsequent
Somaris/4 VB41 and subsequent
Somaris/3 D10E and subsequent
SIENET MagicLink D VA20C
Numaris/4 VD11A (syngo MR D11)
Numaris/4 VC15 (syngo MR C15)
Numaris/4 VC13 (syngo MR C13)
Numaris/4 VC12 (syngo MR C12)
Numaris/4 VC11A (syngo MR C11)
Numaris/4 VB17 (syngo MR B17)
Numaris/4 VB15 (syngo MR B15)
Numaris/4 VB13 (syngo MR B13)
Numaris/4 VB12 (syngo MR B12)
Numaris/4 VB11A (syngo MR 2006T)
Numaris/4 VB11A (syngo MR 2005E)
Numaris/4 VB11A (syngo MR 2004V)
Numaris/4 VB11A (syngo MR 2004C)
Numaris/4 VA35 (syngo MR A35)
Numaris/4 VA30A (syngo MR A30A)
Numaris/4 VA25A (syngo MR 2004A
Numaris/4 v4.0 VA30 (syngo VE31G) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 v4.0 VA30 (syngo VE31G) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 v4.0 VA25 (syngo VD20M) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 v4.0 VA25 (syngo VD20M) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 VA23B - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 VA23A - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 VA21C - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 VA21B - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/4 VA21A (syngo MR 2002B) (MRease 2002B)
Numaris/4 VA12A (syngo MR 2002A) (MRease 2002A)
Numaris/4 VA11A (MRease
Numaris/3.5 VA13E (Numaris v3.5 VA13E)
Numaris/3.5 VA13C (Numaris v3.5 VA13C)
Numaris/3.5 VA13A (Numaris v3.5 VA13A)
Numaris/3 VB33G (Numaris v3.0 VB33G) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/3 VB33F (Numaris v3.0 VB33F) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/3 VB33D (Numaris v3.0 VB33D) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris/3 VB33A (Numaris v3.0 VB33A) - MAGNETOM Software
Numaris Ortho up to VA22A
SIENET MagicView 1000 VE42A
SIENET MagicView 1000 VE40A
SIENET MagicView 1000 VB33A
SIENET MagicView 1000 VB32B
SIENET MagicView 300 VA42A
SIENET MagicView 300 VA40A
SIENET MagicView 300 VA31A
SIENET MagicView 300 VA30C
SIENET MagicView 300 VA30A
e.soft (syngo VD20O)
syngo AXIOM-Artis VX47A
syngo AXIOM-Artis VB11M
and some other.
Syngo Local Service Password



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