Cryogens He (Helium 5.0)

Cryogens He (Helium 5.0)

You need Helium? We can supply and deliver it. Liquid Helium quality 5.0 or gaseous Helium quality 5.0

Operational efficiency of MRI devices is based on many high-tech processes, including the stable maintenance of cryostat parameters (pressure and temperature). An important and deciding factor is liquid Helium whose consumption should be as small as possible.

In order to maintain the system in a stable condition, processes such as helium replenishment, de-icing of the refill system, helium gas replenishment, cold head replacement, displacer replacement, adsorber replacement are priority for the work itself. Follow the manufacturer's advice on recommended replacement periods or necessary servicing. And if you follow such a practice, you will keep the system in a conditioned state.

Liquid or gaseous Helium quality 5.0 can be obtained directly from the manufacturer, no matter where you are located in the country or on which continent, and delivered directly to you. Our suppliers always have spare quantities ready for us, service technicians, so that we can be more agile towards customers.


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