MRI Service KEY / Syngo Local Service

SIEMENS Syngo platform – is an universal multi-modality application for medical imaging. It is used as software basis for modern MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computed Tomography) scanners over the world.

Following full-functional licenses (FLEXlm / FLEXnet) for software and hardware products by Siemens Medical Solutions are available:

• SIEMENS Somaris (SOMATOM) – CT Scanners,

• SIEMENS Numaris (MAGNETOM) – MRI Scanners,


• all products, based on Siemens Syngo software

Offering solutions:

• Generating of Service Passwords (Service Keys) for required access level (Service Key Level 7, Siemens).

• Changing expiration date of the existing license.

• Adding support for new functions and modules (FEATURE) to already licensed modules.

• Changing (incrementing) amount of workplaces (workseats), license counter for existing license.

• Generating of absolutely new licenses for required configurations and for specified software products and hardware systems.

• … and other (in any combination).

Who uses generated Syngo Service Passwords and Syngo Service Keys?

Syngo Service Password (or Syngo Service Key, or Syngo Service Code) is required by service engineers and service technicians to access Service Functions in Service Mode. They are used for reconfiguration and fixing problems of SIEMENS Syngo-based MRI scanners like MAGNETOM Symphony, Harmony, Concerto, Essenza, Trio A Tim System, Avanto, Sonata, Espree, Verio, C, Impact Expert, Vision and SIEMENS CT scanners like SOMATOM Emotion Duo, Esprit+, Spirit, Volume Zoom, Sensation 4, Sensation 16, Huan Yue Duo and others.

Siemens Syngo Service Password Generation

Service Password and Service Key may be generated for required hosts (HOSTID, FLEX-ID, HASP dongle), and required level – Level 7 usually, for the periods:

• one week Service Password.

• one month Service Password.

• one year Service Password .

• other cases (upon request).

Syngo Local Service Password


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